Top, Bottom, or The Vatican?

Religion is a topic that can either bring people together or tear them apart. Unfortunately for the gay community it tends to be the latter. So many times, we are thrown out of our homes based on the beliefs of those who raised us. Few other times we are embraced with love and compassion because it’s okay to love who we love. Is religion really to blame for this? Or is it people who have their own beliefs and use religion as an excuse to act on it?

I know I said in my Intro blog that I would not get into politics. I know this subject may walk a fine line on that but I am not here to sway anyone on one side or the other. This blog is to talk about what my opinion is on religion and how we are all affected by it. I would love to hear everyone’s opinions in the comments or on my Facebook page. Don’t forget to hit that like button and follow the blog.

To me, religion is a tool. A tool to explain the unknown. It’s a way to process the afterlife and a sense of hope to get us through rough times in our lives. People tend not to like to view themselves as lucky or in turn, unlucky. Instead we attribute the probability of our existence to a higher being, whomever that is to the given person. This is a normal thing to do in order to explain events in our lives.

Am I religious? No. Do I believe in some higher power? Well, that question is a bit tricky. I have a strong belief that if you believe something in the nature of religion, then who am I to tell you that you’re wrong. There are a ton of religions out there and who’s to say that one is right or wrong? What if they are all right? What if they are all wrong? What if everyone is praying to the same “God” and he/she/it doesn’t care how as long as you’re doing it? If you believe it then that is what you will experience when you pass. I believe there is a soul and I believe that something happens to it when you die. I’ve obviously never died before (in this life at least) so I don’t know where it goes. So, yes. I believe there is a higher entity involved. I don’t think it’s just one person. I don’t even know if it could be personified. For all I know the higher being is just the concept of souls that carry on to new bodies and dimensions when the host dies. I wish things were as simple to attribute to as it was in Greek Mythology. Everything had a god and a reason and a story to how it happened. I absolutely love Greek Mythology so if I had to pick something to believe in it would be that… but I don’t. Anyways, that’s a topic for a different day.

I don’t think there is a wrong religion to believe in. I do think there is a wrong WAY to believe in it. I think it’s okay to try to reach out to someone to try and spread “the word.” But once that word is rejected it should not be pushed. These same people who try to push their religious agenda on people are the same people who claim that god will handle everything. So if god will handle it, then let him. Religion should be used as a tool to live YOUR best life. Let everyone else find what makes them better theirs. I understand that a majority of religions are against homosexuality. I get it, I respect it and I see nothing wrong with that. If being a flamer makes me go up in flames when I die then so be it. But I may as well live my life peacefully until I get there versus having to listen to Scripture Sally preach at me all day. I have met so many very VERY religious people that are so kind and accepting to the gay community. Do they agree with our lifestyle? Probably not. But they also know that we aren’t changing. They aren’t going to put themselves in grief over something they can’t control. They understand that you are supposed to “Love thy neighbor.” They also know that our one-way ticket to hell will not rub off on them if they are kind to us.

To play devil’s advocate (literally), us gays need to stop expecting everyone to accept our lifestyle. Not many of us accept theirs. All we need is a mutual respect that we aren’t going to change and move on. If someone says that they don’t agree with homosexuality just respect it and move on. So many times we say that we as the gay community aren’t affecting anyone else by loving who we love. If you don’t like it then don’t be gay. Well we need to take some notes and not push ourselves on to other people as well. Mutual respect goes a long way. Agree to disagree. Maybe with this mindset we would see less gays kicked out of their homes. Less families torn apart with ignorance. Less protests. Less hate and more love.

Thank you for reading this blog. I hope you all enjoyed it. Please comment your experiences and beliefs on religion. Also, PLEASE contact me with ideas on future topics. Your suggestions really mean a lot to me and this blog would be nothing without those of you who read it. Thank you again!

Hasta La Pasta,


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