The Gender Identity

Gender Identity has been taking the world by storm for about the last two or three years. He, she, xe, they, ce, etc. What does it all mean? What’s the message? And why should we care?

Honestly, I don’t know. But what I will say on the topic is what my opinions on it are and why I feel that people who claim an identity outside their birth gender should also be a bit more educated as to why you aren’t handed this status on a silver platter. Now before anyone gets offended, I need you to stick with me through this blog because this is not bashing the other gender identities out there. I support everyone in what they believe and feel to be true in order to be themselves. I think being happy is very important and if changing a pronoun does that for you then by all means don’t let anyone stop you. However, there are a few areas in life where I feel one needs to remember their roots, also known as their birth gender.

I have two examples as to why I feel this way. One is a little more practical and the other is a bit more personal. My practical example is changing your gender legally on your driver’s license. My personal reason is playing the game of quidditch. Yes, it’s from Harry Potter, but it is also a real-life sport that I have played for the last six years. It’s a co-ed sport and its inclusivity has been taken advantage of for most of the sport’s existence. But I will explain more when I get there.

First of all, let me mention our transgender community, the transgender community who is taking medication to change their body and become the person who they know they were always meant to be. I applaud you and I support you. When you are through your transition to a certain point, not including sexual organ surgery, I feel that you should be able to legally change your gender on your license. This is because you are altering your body’s biology to appear as the opposite gender. You are changing yourself to fit the bill. Everyone else, however, should be required to retain their birth gender identification on their ID cards. Male or Female. There should be no non-binary option. Sorry, there shouldn’t be, and this is why. Those gender markers on your ID are not for you to claim who you are. You can do that just by telling the people, who you think that matter, what you want to be called. That gender marker is so that other people can identify you. Witnesses, police, courts, etc. Just because you don’t identify yourself as a gender doesn’t exempt you from committing a crime. By that I mean that if you stole something and you’re a man who identifies as a woman (not through any transgender change) and a witness says they saw a man [ADD DESCRIPTION HERE] steal it, a cop is going to identify you based off of that said description. You can’t just pull out your ID and be all, “Sorry, I’m actually a female so that couldn’t be me.” Honestly, I feel like in some cases that could potentially hold up in court and people will get away with things just because they have their marker changed to something that they biologically aren’t. I was a criminal justice major in college so those are the kind of things I think about.

My next reason is the game of quidditch. Most of you are probably wondering what that is. Well, here is a link as to what quidditch is for you to watch, but for the purposes of this video let me say that it is a full contact, co-ed sport. Men and woman play together on the field at the same time. It’s so much fun, however, it’s become less fun do to these gender identities that people claim to be and they take advantage of it. The sport requires at least two of the opposite gender on the field at a time, sorry ladies you must be inclusive too. There needs to be at least two men and females on the field at any given moment per team. This was a great way to include everyone in the game, until it started being abused. 6 foot 5 burly men were “identifying” themselves as gender neutral, or gender fluid, so they could play as a female on field so they didn’t have to put actual women on the field so they could win. Now let me state that quidditch women should not be underestimated and they put up just as much of a fight at the men. But still they do this and they will have a full team of big beefy men just because two of them cried gender hater and got their way because the United States Quidditch Association has no backbone unless it’s for players who actually play fair. It needs to be recognized that men and women have, on average, some biological differences. These differences include muscle mass and build. Although the women are usually faster and dodge them, when it’s a team of six beefy men, a small statured woman is going to get tackled hard every time opposed to the women guarding the women on each team. Although someone may identify as a gender outside of their birth, they are not exempt from their biology and should play as their birth gender. Again, transgender men and women who are going through there changes, altering their biology should absolutely be able to play as their changed gender… why? BECAUSE THEIR BIOLOGY MATCHES THE GENDER THEY ARE PLAYING AS. Sorry, got a little heated. But in short, many people who are gender neutral or fluid, or whatever the gender is, are so self-centered to a point where they can’t step outside of themselves to think that maybe these rules aren’t an attack on them. They are so quick to get a offended when no one is trying to discredit their claim to be who they are. It’s just a way to be fair and let everyone be a part of an amazing sport. They think you need to be included so bad and fight so hard, but in the process, they are excluding women who want to play the game. We all need to learn that, “It’s not always about you.”

Thank you for reading. I’m not sure if this was a post about gender identity or if it turned into my frustration with the quidditch community, but there it is. I know that some of these opinions may not be shared or agreed with and I’m not asking for them to be. I’m just giving my opinion and my experience on the matter. Whether that’s right or wrong is for you to decide, not me. But I cannot say enough that you should be who you want to be. Call yourself what you want to be called. But recognize that there are some situations outside of your self-proclaimed identity that you may need to step up to your biological nature. But always be true, be you, be fierce.

Hasta La Pasta,


3 thoughts on “The Gender Identity

  1. I can see your frustration as a teammate. I can also see that rules are rules. Maybe since it is a team of six they could add in the optuon to have gender fluid, questioning, non- binary ext. That might add to the inclusive nature of the sport but I agree that they should habe to go based off of their biological self.


      1. Thar would also be a good idea. Or have them get a physical or something like when we were younger and had to get paperwork to join sports in school!

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