Behind the Prism: Take 2

Now that Season 1 of “The Prism” has finally ended, what’s next? What is happening? Who’s Alice? Some of these answers will have to wait until Season 2 to be fully answered. For now, this is what I will say.

What’s next? For the blog in general, I will be taking a 3 or 4-week break from continuing “The Prism.” There will still be Friday blogs, but they will be of different things. The reason for taking this break is because I need more people to read it. This writing process is a huge experiment, and it doesn’t work (for me) if I don’t have people reading and talking about it in real time. This experiment is to create a book that fans can influence. Your gossip and theories are what will guide the story in certain directions. So please comment, share, email me, or whatever else you can do to talk about what you think will happen or want to have happen. Please do so in a place where I can see it, like on the blog comments, on my Facebook page, or by emailing me through the contact link on the blog. Have you ever watched a show and thought, “I wouldn’t have done that,” or “I wish they would’ve done this”? Well, now those comments matter! But I can’t do anything with them unless I see them. Also, I need to get some more traffic on my blog so more people can help influence it. So, those of you out there who are dedicated “Prism” fans, hang tight and help spread the word in the meantime.

This paragraph contains spoilers, so if you aren’t caught up, please skip to the next paragraph. What’s happening? In case you have read “The Prism” and are still confused about anything, this is a little recap. You can also use this when Season 2 starts back up if you need a refresher. In the first chapter, Quin and Blair found out they were accepted to a government program called The Prism. They signed up for it so that they could hopefully win and use the prize money to afford a wedding. When they got there, they realized that it wasn’t going to be as fun as they had thought. In fact, it seemed like it would be dangerous. On arrival, they found a dead man on the bus with a torn note that ended in “Don’t enter the – “ with the rest ripped off. During their tour, Quin found out that his parents were working there, whom he hasn’t seen in years. After the tour, they were given rooms and roommates, and Quin and Blair were matched with the dead guy’s twin brother, Timothy, and Timothy’s friend Jordan. After a few days spent acclimating to the program, their bodies were installed with state-of-the-art technology so that they could use the Prism simulation. They learned that the Prism is a virtual reality simulation intended to be a replacement of real life warfare and that they were going to be the people testing it. The technology installed in them simulates actual pain and physical stress on the body. However, this technology hadn’t been tested before and now will be by these “volunteers.” They’re told the technology could still seriously injure someone, if not kill them. They enter their first simulation, and, upon the start, a group ambushes them. A girl by the name of Alice, who pronounced herself the group leader, was shot and seriously injured, thus being eliminated from the first round of the Prism. The season ends with Quin and the rest of his group jumping behind cover and preparing to fight.

So that’s the recap. But I am sure there is one question that you may still have that is a bit unanswered. This paragraph also has some spoilers, so skip to the next paragraph if you’re not caught up. Who is Alice? Do you love her or hate her? I tried to create her so that you would feel either one extreme or the other. I also tried to make her seem like a strong character who would stick around for a long time regardless of anyone’s feelings towards her. But then why did I get rid of her so fast? Well, I got rid of her so fast because I knew it would take people by surprise, doing so after I’d built her up to be such a strong character. I wanted to give the sense that nobody was safe. Will she be back? We will definitely see her again in some capacity, but whether or not she makes it back into another simulation I’m not so sure. That is where you all come in. Tell me what you want to see from her. Do you want her to come back? No? This is the sort of moment that I’ll count on you all to guide the story, so please reach out to me about it.

Thank you again for reading my blog. I hope you have all enjoyed “The Prism” so far. If you have, please spread the word and get more people interested. If you haven’t read it yet, I highly encourage you to do so. It’s a fun and engaging story. It’s full of suspense and leads up to some intense action, and I can’t wait to start Season 2. I hate waiting just as much as you all.

Hasta La Pasta,



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