The Algebra of Heartbreak

This week I am doing something a little different, something that I have never done before. I’m going to write some poems. I don’t know how well they’re going to be, so I would appreciate some honest feedback. Thanks for coming back this week.

The Algebra of Heartbreak


Touched, only by one point in time

One moving on forever

Never to look back

The other to circle

Always looking back at that one point


Running together

Yet always apart

Itching to get closer

But can’t seem to start



It happened

Closer at last

But only infinitely so

So close they are almost in reach

So close it brings on a new low


Turning again

This time opposite

Never to even out

Never to go parallel

Constantly moving away



Extending so far, looking back

Nothing is there

Was it ever?


Hope you all enjoyed. Like I said, I would appreciate some feedback as I’ve never done a poem before. If it’s good, maybe I’ll start doing some more.

Hasta La Pasta,


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