Exciting News!!!

This week, I’m going to be a bit brief because I have some exciting news. I’ve mentioned before that I’m writing a book with my best friend, Caitie, and it has finally finished being edited! This means that all Caitie and I need to do is read through the edits and accept them. After that, we can send it back to the publisher for review. It has been such a long process. We started this book almost five years ago. It has been a long journey, but it’s also been a rewarding one. We have grown so much, both as people and as writers. I will give more updates as they come, but I wanted to share that and explain why this blog isn’t going to be as long as some of the others. I really want to crack down and get through these edits as quickly as possible, while of course still being thorough. But don’t worry, those of you who are “The Prism” fans. I will still be giving my much-needed devotion to it, especially now that Season 2 has started with a lot of action and suspense.

That being said, I won’t leave on just that note. I will give you a little bit of something else to read this week too: some reviews on recent movies I have seen.

“The Nun” – I had a lot of hopes for this movie. It was advertised to be this great horror film. As it’s part of “The Conjuring” series, I had high expectations. Those expectations fell flat on the ground and then got ran over by a semi-truck. The movie was not that scary. There was maybe one point that made me jump, but aside from jump scares, there was nothing to be afraid of. The evil nun looked very CGI. The plotline was mediocre at best. It just didn’t do the series any justice. I will say the ending was very good, when they tied “The Nun” to the rest of the series, however, the movie itself seemed like they made it so that it could fit in that part in the prior movie rather than having thought of the movie in advance and planting a seed in its predecessors. It’s just very disappointing. 3/10.

“Peppermint” – This movie was a great action/thriller movie. There is so much suspense, and the action scenes are very well done. Jennifer Garner did a great job as the lead, and it lived up to every expectation I had for it. I don’t have a whole lot to say about it, as it’s an action movie, but I highly recommend it. 7.5/10.

“The Meg” – For a shark movie, I thought it was very good! The underwater scenes in the beginning were beautiful. The plotline was pretty good, considering it was a shark movie. It was just the right amount of cheesy, and it was all-around fun. In just the shark category, I give it a 9/10. Overall: 6/10.

I guess that’s all the recent movies that I’ve seen, though I thought there were more in the last month. Typically, I go to a lot of movies. There are two movies I am currently looking forward to that I hope everyone else is as well: “The Crimes of Grindelwald” and “Bohemian Rhapsody.” I’ve been itching to see those movies for a long time, and November is quickly approaching. I will, for sure, be blogging about those two movies when they come out.

Thanks a lot for reading, everyone! Hopefully this book process goes well. It’s very exciting and nerve-racking.

Hasta La Pasta,



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