A New Direction

So I wanted to give a quick update on where this blog is going. At the current moment I have a ton of projects going on. These projects are very time consuming and it’s a lot of work to keep up with them. This means that I need to start prioritizing my time and which projects I devote said time to. Right now, keeping up with two blogs a week is not one of those priorities. BUT… this doesn’t mean I’m just going to stop blogging.

The Prism is one of my priorities. However, it is evolving into something a lot more serious than just a weekly blog series. I need to start planning a lot of it and I have big ideas to really make the story shine. I will still be releasing the chapters as they are completed. I would like for one to be out each week but I can’t guarantee that. It’s taking a lot of planning now to get it to go in the direction I envision it. But you’re opinions still matter in the my writing process so please don’t think I am taking that aspect away. These posts will no longer be guaranteed on Friday. They will be posted as I complete them and I’ll make sure I am reaching out on Facebook and Instagram so you all know when the next chapters are available. Also, make sure you sign up for email notifications by putting in your email address at the bottom of the page, or the right if you’re on a PC.

Outside of The Prism, I won’t me making routine blog posts on Mondays. Any extra blog posts I make will just be typed up and posted as I am inspired to write them. I want to make sure that the content I am putting out is coming from a genuine place in my heart and not just a scrounge for content at the last minute just to say I made my posting deadlines.

Once I get some things sorted out with my book and hearing back from the publisher, I would like to get back into my routine posts. For now, for my sanity, I need to take a step back and not overload myself with projects. I promise, though, that it will all be worth it in the end as I will be coming out with some amazing books and stories for everyone to read. Please stay tuned.

Hasta La pasta,


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