Happy Halloween!

Hello Everyone and Happy Halloween! This is by far my favorite holiday of the year. It’s a time to let go and live your best life. You can dress up in a costume, wear crazy makeup, and act weird without a care in the world. I started celebrating this Halloween this past weekend, and I must say, I think it is my favorite year yet.

My Halloween started on Thursday when my friends and I went to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios. We had a great time and the houses were well done and looked awesome, especially the Stranger Things house.

Friday, however, was the real fun. This was the day that my best friends Matt and Brian hosted their annual Tricks and Screams party, which turned out to be absolutely fabulous. The decorations were everything and the costumes that everyone came out with were impeccable. Every year they have a theme. This year it was Tim Burton. I knew I had to go big this year so i decided to make my costume from scratch. I went with Catwoman from Batman Returns, and my costume did not disappoint. Even I was impressed with how it turned out because I have never made anything before.

First here are some pictures of the venue that the party was held at. All photos, by the way, can be credited to A. Harris Photography.

And here are pictures of my costume along with some of my friend’s costumes from the event.

There was a big costume contest in the end. Unfortunately I did not win, but I did make the Top 10 which was good enough for me. For it being my first year making a costume, I know I can hone in on my skills and come through bigger and better next year.

Tonight, for Halloween, I will be putting my costume back on and going to Parliament House, which is a local club in Orlando. There is a huge costume contest that I am going to enter that has a cash prize of $3,000. Hopefully I win, but I know competition will be tough. But I’m up for a challenge. If you’re local to Orlando, come by for the contest and cheer me on.

Sorry that my posted has been a lot more spread out. I hope everyone has a fantastic Halloween. I would love to see everyone’s costumes. Feel free to comment with a picture or put them on my Facebook.

Hasta La Pasta,


2 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Incredible photos!! I can honestly say you should have had this hands down!The only contender I could see was the multicolored, multidimensional creature; amazing amount of effort. I look forward to the possibility of a New Years New Me Extravaganza?? The possibilities are endless.

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