If Only My Pool Float Could Talk

I have this pool float that I love. It’s super cute and relaxing. I’ve had it for quite a while… it’s actually the longest I’ve ever been able to keep one without having to replace it.

One day though, I noticed my pool float was starting to lose some air. It had deflated a bit. No worries, this was normal. I simply filled it back up… GOOD AS NEW! It didn’t happen often, but every once in a while I had to add some air to that float. No biggy, easy enough.

Then, eventually I noticed I was putting air into it more consistently… and then even more consistently. It happened gradually over time so it took me a while to catch on that we had an issue. I realized the pool float had a hole.

I couldn’t see the hole in my pool float. It was too tiny. Unfortunately, I couldn’t hear where the air was coming out of either. I pushed it and I squeeze it, hoping I could force some extra air out to make a sound that would give me a clue as to where it was. I wanted to fix it. I’ve grown attached to that pool float, I couldn’t just throw it away… it’s kept me afloat for a long time now. So I just kept blowing it up and blowing it up. It was much easier than getting a new one and blowing it up from nothing. If only it could talk and tell me where its hole was.

Eventually, it became too much of a chore to keep blowing that pool float up. I grew disinterested in the task. Once in a while I would pump some air into it and get it back in the water… but then, before I knew it, I just wasn’t interested at all. And then without my knowing, I was getting by not using the pool float… ever, I just swam. Sure it was a little more work, but it kept me busy. It was relaxing in a different way. But I still kept that pool float in case it decided to spring to life and show me where to patch up that hole. Regardless, it was still great company but it would be much better if only my pool float could talk.

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