A Modern Greek Mythology: The Minotaur

I know it’s late, as you saw in my Friday post, but I promised you content and here it is. Unfortunately, I did not have the time to put into another chapter of The Prism, but I’d sooner you feel a little disappointed in the delay than feel disappointed in a rushed chapter. I take … Continue reading A Modern Greek Mythology: The Minotaur

The Prism: Chapter 12

“Is everyone okay?” Quin regretted the question the moment he asked it. Of course they’re not okay, he thought. They just saw two people die. Not simulated deaths, real ones. Nobody answered him. They just all stood around in a loose group, breathing heavily and trying to comprehend what they had just witnessed. Timothy was … Continue reading The Prism: Chapter 12

The Prism: Chapter 2

Welcome back to another Fantasy Friday! This week you will continue your adventure with Quin and Blair. Who is PYKSEL Industries and what exactly is this new top-secret government program, “The Prism”? If you missed last week’s chapter go back and read Chapter 1 to meet Quin and Blair. This is a Sci-fi original story written by … Continue reading The Prism: Chapter 2

The Prism: Chapter 1


Welcome to another Fantasy Friday! Thanks again for coming back. This week I have something super exciting. I’m going to be starting a series that I will release chapter by chapter. There may not be a chapter EVERY Friday, depending what other topics I get. But it will never go over two weeks without a … Continue reading The Prism: Chapter 1